We are a full-suite concrete restoration/repair service provider, proudly serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and bonded in the state of California.


Our services fall into three main categories:


Sealing concrete increases its lifespan exponentially, protecting it from the elements and providing a beautiful, fresh look. We provide clear and colored acrylic, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings, non-slip textured overlays, and moisture-vapor-blocking coatings. Suitable on driveways, pool decks, pavers, porches, patios, garages, industrial spaces and store floors.


Moisture compromises decks and foundations, causing a litany of potential problems -- from the obvious expense of structural damage to liability/litigation exposure. Asset protection is of paramount importance when moisture penetration is evident/likely. Our fiberglass membrane deck waterproofing system incorporates multiple layers of watertight coatings and an attractive textured finish. Our epoxy injection crack repair method seals wet/dry cracks in concrete foundations such as basement floors and walls, providing watertight protection and peace of mind.


All concrete is prone to cracking, shifting, disintegration, and spalling. We utilize fiber-reinforced cementitious compounds, high modulus epoxies and thermoset polymers to repair even the most damaged substrates, at a fraction of the price of new concrete. We also specialize in trip hazard amelioration, repair of damaged pool coping/cantilever edges and more.

With a company ethos prioritizing client satisfaction and environmental sustainability, we strive to give clients unmatched service, while maintaining full compliance with California environmental codes.